IIUM's love

Hye guys, wanna know my friends in IIUM?

First person to be introduce is....
She is such a good friend of mine.
Her name? Siti Hajar bt. Mohd Noor.

Tough person I'd ever met,
Her spirit just strong as stone,
Subhanallah, just like her name.
Am hoping that she'll do the best in her life.
And always be strong, 
just like the way I used to know her before. :)

Here she is. pretty though? but sorry, she's taken. 

Here she come, our YB IZZATI
Her name is Wan Nurul Izzati bt. Wan Nazulan.
Clumsy yet responsible.
Humble but always posted as one of the high-comm members.
Is she strict? Naa, kinda funny :D

Next, we proceed w/ my classmates,
my close friends.
EQIN - Siti Nurul Asyiqin bt. Mohd Yani,
YATT - Syahirah bt. Mahyat,
INTAN - Intan Syahira bt. Azhar.
They always help me,
Doing our group works together,
I really don't want to lose them :')
I for Intan, E for Eqin (Asyiqin) and S for Syahirah (Yett)

I think next time I'll give a little intro of my other friends.


  1. pa . LOVE YOUuuu .HAHA. harap kita kawan sampai mati .InsyAllah .always pray for your happiness and health .till we meet in Jannah .

    1. love you more. insyAllah, may Allah bless us. ameen :)

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